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Innovative industrial software for the energy and utility sector
We empower energy and utility operators to deliver their services in a safer, more reliable, resilient, sustainable, and efficient manner to their customers while minimizing risk and reducing the total cost of operation. AVEVA has a history of innovation with major energy and utility clients worldwide, from Design and Construction to Operation and Maintenance. AVEVA occupies a unique position to enable a comprehensive view of the asset lifecycle.

Power Generation
Whether you are building a new combined cycle plant, adding renewable generation assets, or seeking ways to optimize the operation of existing generation systems, AVEVA provides the most advanced and innovative software tools to help you on your path to sustainability and operational excellence.

Transmission and Distribution
Network reliability is a growing concern, and countries are moving towards the digitalization of transmission and distribution networks, maximizing asset utilization in the grids and modernizing automation infrastructure.

Energy companies should empower a dispersed workforce with cloud-based operator training.

Cloud-based access reduces time and travel costs to train a new workforce and keeps electricity affordable for their distribution area.


Issues Addressed
Geographically dispersed workforce requiring ongoing training.
Large number of new employees to be trained due to an aging workforce.
Need for training across multiple plants, each with multiple units and unique configurations.
The operational impact and cost of traveling to a physical simulator.

Cloud-based learning will enable employees to access training regardless of their location or when they need it.
Online training eliminates the need for travel, avoiding loss of operational days and associated costs such as travel and accommodation.
A generic platform allows standardized training on process and procedure, regardless of the plant.
Products Providing These Solutions
AVEVA™ Operator Training Simulator
AVEVA™ Connect
Arizona Public Service (APS) is the largest electric utility company in the state of Arizona, USA, with over 130 years in the business. It operates six power plants, two coal-fired plants, and four natural gas plants spanning over 90,000 square kilometers.



More than half of their total workforce of 6,000 people is set to retire within five years, so APS made innovative training an integral part of their operational excellence strategy. They knew they had to take action if they wanted to ensure safe and efficient management of their plants, preserve the valuable knowledge of their employees before many of them retired, and train the large number of new employees needed to replace them.
APS partnered with AVEVA to introduce cloud-based generic power plant models using AVEVA Operator Training Simulator, through which they could teach processes and procedures across all plants, regardless of the configuration.
The cloud-based approach eliminated the need for travel, saving up to three days away from the plant per person per training session. By not having to travel, employees could spend more time learning with minimal impact on operational activity. Additionally, since the training was always available, participants could repeat scenarios multiple times to fully integrate new skills and ensure knowledge retention.
An effective and continuous learning program not only helped APS achieve their strategic goals but also benefited their customers. After all, a vibrant workforce keeps electricity affordable for APS customers.