Levex - Estudio Levex
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Software centrado en el usuario para operaciones
industriales, desde la periferia hasta la empresa.

Operational visibility

  • Unlimited architectural flexibility
  • Responsive web clients
  • Engineering and self-service applications
  • Templates, styles and standardization options
  • Vector graphics libraries
  • Portable graphics with integrated editor
  • Expandable functionality with apps and widgets
  • Alarm management
  • Collaborative development on premises and in the cloud
  • Security and authentication management

Digital thread

  • High performance database.
  • More than 2 million tags.
  • Tiered Historian architecture options.
  • Capture of process values. Summary values, engineering units, alarms/events, acknowledgments and annotations.
  • Secure store and forward for intermittent networks.
  • More than 13 data recovery modes.
  • Historical reproduction through visualization.
  • Seamless data integration and expansion.

Analysis of data

  • Examine and reproduce data trends.
  • View trends and historical data.
  • Self-service dashboards available on-premises and in the cloud.
  • AI-based predictive insights and visual anomaly detection.
  • visual abnormalities
  • Easy creation of dynamic and personalized reports for digital distribution.
  • Query and export data for later use in other applications such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Replicate data in AVEVA PI System, AVEVA Data Hub.

Connected collaboration

  • Post messages tagged to specific assets or areas, and people.
  • Apply filter criteria and search for messages
  • Attach videos and images to better contextualize the messages.
  • Receive notifications and updates on posts.
  • Raise problems and ask for help from colleagues and assigned experts.
  • Scan QR codes to link directly to asset content.
  • Store asset information, such as equipment manufacturer, model, location, and documentation.
  • Create digital forms and define shipping processes.

Coordinated microlearning

  • Capture work instructions and troubleshooting as video and images.
  • Tag content relevant to a specific team.
  • Structure training content with categories, assets, locations and languages.
  • Establish training approval and review workflows.
  • Customize skill types and attach the necessary content.
  • Measure staff qualification levels and promote knowledge updating.
  • Manage competency coverage and ensure staff resilience.
  • View the staff profile with information on activities, tasks and competencies.

Supplier independence

  • Use drivers for telemetry (DNP/IEC), IIoT (MQTT/OPCUA), industrial standards (Modbus/SNMP) and proprietary protocols (Rockwell, Siemens, BACnet, GE, Beckhoff), etc.
  • Take advantage of REST and other types of APIs.
  • Export data in common formats.
  • Software deployment across multiple OS, cloud infrastructure, and architectural requirements.
  • Synchronize user management with authentication services.
  • Leverage AVEVA's product partner network for joint hardware and software solutions.