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What is AVEVA PI System?

AVEVA PI System (formerly OSIsoft PI System), is an industry-leading data management solution built specifically to overcome the challenges of industrial environments. With AVEVA PI System, you can collect and store data from any location and source and quickly extract the information you need to optimize your business, all in a flexible, code-free environment.

We designed the AVEVA PI System for rapid implementation and a rapid return on investment, right out of the box. The integrated portfolio of solutions enables operations engineers, enterprise-level decision makers and analysts to maintain full compliance with IT policies.

With deeper operational insight, faster analysis of critical data, and expanded visibility into remote assets and IIoT sensors, AVEVA PI System helps you operate more efficiently and sustainably.

de las principales empresas
farmacéuticas utilizan
Las empresas de energía utilizan
el sistema AVEVA PI
del petróleo crudo, gas natural y
líquidos del mundo se producen
con AVEVA PI System
de las 10 principales
empresas mineras utilizan

Your neutral digital backbone to unify and manage information.


Collect real-time data from any asset, including legacy, proprietary, remote, mobile, and IIoT devices. AVEVA PI System connects you to your data, regardless of location or format.



It stores decades of data at sub-second granularity. Get immediate access to high-fidelity historical, real-time, and predictive data to keep critical operations running and business information flowing.


Contextualize and analyze

Make raw data streams more meaningful and see the big picture by adding descriptive tags and metadata. Define data hierarchies that reflect your operational and reporting environments. Use a rich set of built-in analytical functions to easily perform simple or advanced calculations.


Visualize and act

Easily create your own custom reports and views, so you can monitor processes and troubleshoot issues on the fly. Quickly drill down into detailed data to see issues on an individual asset. Compare downtime events and batch data sets to identify patterns and replicate best practices.


Integrate, share and empower

Deliver reliable, analysis-ready trading data to analytics tools and machine learning algorithms to gain new insights. Easily send data to the cloud with just a few clicks to start collaborating with analysts, data scientists, and partners and service providers outside your organization. Operational agility, simplified.

PI System helps you seamlessly collect, store, interpret and share real-time operational data from the industrial edge to the plant floor and all the way to the cloud.

With reliable operations data delivered in real time to people, applications and platforms across your organization, you can unlock new business value and drive efficiency, flexibility, sustainability and resilience.