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AVEVA™ Application Server

Application Server

Enables you to maximize operational efficiency in water and wastewater facilities.

Water utility or effluent treatment operators must provide reliable and affordable services and ensure the sustainability of their operations.

Water utilities require more efficient engineering methods, energy supply optimization, and contextualized compliance monitoring as they seek to expand water availability for the general population at an affordable price.

AVEVA Select APU's comprehensive and innovative software capabilities make it easier for utilities to do their jobs better, faster, less expensively, sustainably and greener, putting them on the fast track to operational excellence.

Water and wastewater networks

The challenges for drinking water operations include managing a large network of geographically distributed assets, providing reliable monitoring and control of pumping stations, dealing with infrastructure, managing operating and energy costs, and providing information to field personnel when they need it, wherever they are, and on whatever device they have at their disposal.

Wastewater Networks

Service reliability, avoiding wastewater overflow, managing aging and failing infrastructure, reliable control and monitoring of distributed assets, minimizing energy use, and regulatory compliance are typical challenges for wastewater networks.

Water and wastewater treatment

Meeting evolving regulatory standards, dealing with aging infrastructure, and managing operating costs, including labor, energy, and chemicals, are challenges facing water operations in the quest to deliver reliable, affordable, high-quality water and services in a safe and sustainable manner.

Wastewater Treatment

Protecting the environment, meeting regulatory standards, avoiding wastewater overflows and fines, and providing reliable, cost-effective service that produces clean water that is safe to dispose of or reclaim are some of the major challenges facing wastewater treatment operations.

Water Network Optimization

Some of the common challenges in water network management include maintaining existing infrastructure, expanding asset life cycles, ensuring water supply in terms of quantity and quality, dealing with severe weather events, meeting stringent regulatory compliance, energy and carbon efficiency needs, and increasing workforce productivity and efficiency. In addition, the need to continually raise the level of customer service quality is driving smarter behavioral forecasting that allows operators to better understand the impact of planned (proactive) and unplanned (reactive) events across the network in real time, and be alerted to critical situations. on the network so that immediate action can be taken to prevent or mitigate service interruptions with sufficient lead time.

Optimize risk, cost and throughput across your supply chain, assets and production

AVEVA Select APU connects people and assets with technology that improves industrial efficiency, safety and reliability. When industry leaders leverage a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that uses real-time data to optimize operations, predict outcomes and provide risk-based guidance, they can ensure business continuity, maximize return on capital and improve customer experiences.

Our comprehensive portfolio of industry performance solutions, including supply chain performance management, production performance and asset performance software, combined with AVEVA's deep domain expertise have led to proven success with customers around the world.