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AVEVA software provides Hennig-Olsen with critical visibility and control in its ice cream manufacturing processes

HANNEVIKA, Norway – For more than 90 years, Hennig-Olsen has been bringing tasty ice cream treats to the Nordic region and maintains 48 percent of the region’s market share. Producing approximately 30 million liters of ice cream and frozen desserts each year is not an easy feat, and requires meticulous recipe management and quality-control of ingredients at its factory in Hannevika, Norway

In recent years, the production management team realized that their in-house-developed automation system couldn’t keep pace with the factory’s growing manufacturing requirements.


AVEVA Software Provides Flexibility MES Solution

The Wonderware MES solution is a comprehensive Manufacturing Enterprise System (MES) solution which tracks processes from warehouse, to the production lines.

In addition, the flexibility of Wonderware MES enables Hennig-Olsen to use the solution in any scale and scope to satisfy different approaches to MES, either growing from equipment-focused MES for work order execution, traceability, overall equipment effectiveness, or from a real-time enterprise strategy, integrating more and more of the production process into the business process information flow.


  • To establish a standardized software system with in-house control to accurately track production
  • processes.
  • To effectively manage quality operations, ensuring product safety and compliance.
  • To strengthen inventory control and traceability of material usage.


  • The previous system did not allow for immediate access to reporting and plant data metrics.
  • Quality measurement data, such as product temperature and maturity tracking, was unreliable.
  • Management was unable to effectively manage the production of its various food products throughout its manufacturing facilities.


  • AVEVA™ System Platform
  • AVEVA™ InTouch
  • AVEVA™ Historian


  • The company can successfully track processes from warehouse to the production lines, enabling it to maintain its 48% market share.
  • Operations are simplified and the company is able to measure materials in real-time anywhere, as well as know the specific batch, date and amount of ingredients used.

“The Wonderware MES solution was chosen based not only for financial reasons, but also security reasons as well. Using real-time production information, decision makers and operators can effectively manage the order flow and production execution, tracking the transformation of products from raw materials through finished goods, and gathering real-time information on yields, quality, resource and asset management.”

Marianne Stordal, Director of Production, Hennig-Olsen

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