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AVEVA Unified Supply Chain ensures security and visibility of supply chain knowledge, with simple, consistent access to data and easy integration with external business systems.

Optimize your oil and gas supply chain with AVEVA Unified Supply Chain

A revolutionary digital tool for your oil and gas supply chain management. Make informed decisions and optimize operations.

Easily manage your oil and gas supply chain with AVEVA Unified Supply. The solution helps you seamlessly integrate planning, scheduling, assay, and supply distribution, giving everyone in your organization a shared understanding of the plant and the business. AVEVA Unified Supply harnesses the latest technology, including cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI), to help you optimize your operations like never before.

Schedule AI Assistant generates multiple schedule options in seconds, so you can explore and rank different scenarios for efficiency, profitability, and emissions. With AVEVA Unified Supply Chain, you'll be able to make informed decisions and take your operations to the next level.

With AVEVA Connect, our powerful cloud platform, you can access your data from anywhere in the world, giving you complete security and visibility into your supply chain knowledge. Whether you prefer to deploy on the cloud or on-premises, our solution provides easy integration with external business systems, so you can get started quickly and easily.

100% Customers worldwide         
350% Sites deployed
50% Reduction in time to create assays form laboratory samples       
99% Improvement to time required for crude purchase evaluation

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain features
AVEVA Unified Supply Chain empowers you to make quick and informed decisions by taking advantage of key information. Our solution is designed to address each specific component of the supply chain, transforming opportunities into business value.

Crude Assay Management
Manage your crude assay database and improve its accuracy with powerful predictive modeling. Take advantage of a comprehensive platform that includes distillation modeling, cargo tracking and crude oil blending.
Production Planning
Build long and short-term plans for maximum profit and best use of assets. Increase process model assurance through a user-friendly interface that enables broader users groups to understand and contribute.
Production Scheduling
Create robust schedules including economic and operation targeting. With an intuitive and flexible interface that provides fast, accurate information, you can improve visibility on current and future activities. 
Distribution and Network Optimization
Identify economic opportunities that can help you meet your operational goals, and solve industrial challenges with multiple locations and complex logistic constraints.
Process Model Management
Build accurate and representative Base Delta models for your plant assets from plant and simulator data using our powerful regression and tracking tool. 

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