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Work effectively together with other engineers to develop and maintain all the key engineering items involved in plant or marine projects.

AVEVA™ Engineering

A common project database to manage and control multi-discipline data

AVEVA Engineering enables multi-discipline teams of engineers to work effectively together to develop and maintain the detailed definition of all the key engineering items involved in plant or marine projects.

AVEVA Engineering is highly versatile and configurable. It is typically used as an authoring tool for the process and mechanical disciplines, but is equally well suited for pipe stress, safety or other specialist disciplines. It enables each discipline to retain full control of their own data while being able to access and reference data from other disciplines. When used as part of AVEVA Unified Engineering the complete project information model is exposed to the full range of AVEVA’s process simulation, design, engineering, collaboration and lifecycle management technologies which can be securely accessed from a single data hub on cloud via AVEVA™ Connect.

The Next Generation of AVEVA™ Engineering

A new era in AVEVA’s 1D & 2D engineering and design software has begun to dawn.

AVEVA™ Electrical and Instrumentation is now incorporated directly within the next generation of AVEVA Engineering. Users can now work within a seamless multi-disciplinary engineering design solution, with all stakeholders working on a single platform without any external dependencies.

The imminent upcoming phase in the next generation of AVEVA Engineering will be the integration of AVEVA™ P&ID and AVEVA™ Diagrams. Combining Lists and Schedules, Datasheets, Schematic Drawings, and engineering disciplines within a common, real-time project environment. The next generation of AVEVA Engineering is a proactive, innovative step forward in the engineering design marketplace. A common, collaborative platform from which both EPCs and Owner Operators can engineer, design, and develop their projects and ultimately their digital twin.

AVEVA Engineering Features


Increased project control
Puts engineering data into a common project database where it can be more effectively managed, controlled and used


Increased efficiency
Creates high-quality datasheets, lists, schedules and other deliverables on demand


Increased project quality
Enables the detection and elimination of a wider range of data inconsistencies, reducing the risk of costly, late design changes and associated rework


Increased Capability
Enables efficient multi-site collaboration on a wider range of engineering data and integrates with the AVEVA Unified Engineering suite of products

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